Our Philosophy

High-Quality Dentistry

Our founders, Drs. Liu and Jafri, are a husband and wife team dedicated to the highest standard of care. They remain at the forefront of advanced dental technologies and consistently strive to improve in order to better serve you. Their success comes from knowing that you are satisfied with the results of your care.

Personalized Care

We know it can be difficult to find a dentist that not only delivers quality care but that treats its patients as more than just a number. Our friendly and helpful team will always treat you as an individual. We know that you have unique needs, and we do everything we can to fulfill them. We value our relationship with you.

Welcoming Environment

We are a non-judgmental practice accepting patients from all walks of life! Whether you have insurance, Medicaid, or neither, you are welcome here! Our care for you extends to the warm environment we create. When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a friendly smile and treated with generosity. Our helpful team will remain attentive to your needs and assist you through every step of your care. We also keep a clean office and play background music in our lobby to help you feel at home.

Honest Recommendations

At Secure Dental, we genuinely have our patients’ best interests at heart. We will never judge you based on your past dental history or current oral condition. Instead, we will do everything we can to help you achieve optimal oral health. Our knowledgeable team will clearly explain your treatment options, provide honest recommendations, and will never pressure you to do anything you don’t want or need. You can trust you are in good hands here.

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