If you've lost one or more teeth to injury or disease, dental implants can effectively and permanently restore the appearance of your smile. These devices consist of a metal post that is implanted in the jaw and fitted with a crown that fills the gap, preventing the shifting and decay of remaining teeth.

Dental Implant Procedure: What to Expect

Two main types of dental implants are approved for safe use: endosteal, in which the implant post is placed within the jawbone, and subperiosteal, in which the post is placed on top of the bone. Placing dental implants is an outpatient procedure that consists of several steps. If necessary, the diseased or damaged tooth will be removed and the jawbone prepared for the implant placement. You may receive a bone graft if more bone is needed to support the implant. After the bone and gum heal from the placement, which takes a few weeks, you'll return to have your teeth molded. Then, the final permanent replacement tooth is placed on the implant and is attached with a metal structure called an abutment.

Advantages of Dental Implants

If you are committed to caring for your dental implants, they will last for the rest of your life. While the implants themselves will never decay, they need to be surrounded by healthy teeth and gums to thrive. Unlike other dental replacements such as bridges, however, implants don't rely on the neighboring teeth for structural support. Implants are an ideal solution for those missing one or more teeth who have an otherwise healthy jawbone in which the metal post can be placed.

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