Meet our Doctors

Dr. Noel Liu

General Dentist
When it comes to preserving, enhancing, and beautifying our smiles, we all want the best. The best care. The best service. The best results. It’s as simple as that. Noel Liu, DDS is a unique kind of dentist. He takes a gentle approach, easing any concerns you might have by providing valuable patient education.

Dr. Kunmin Roo

General Dentist
He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook for his undergraduate, while completing his DDS at New York University. His patients love his humor and the service that he provides for them. They are grateful that he is their main care provider. Everybody loves Dr. Roo from his staff members to his patients. He provides an amicable work environment where the employees and patients are stress-free. He also has great chairside manners and patients love his work. When Dr. Roo has the time, he enjoys both watching and playing sports and socially interacting with his acquaintances.

Dr. Ajay Das

General Dentist
Dr. Ajay Das is a licensed general dentist in the state of Illinois and Indiana. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2010 from New York university. He’s acquired over 10 years of experience and continues to find ways to better himself for his patients. He finds great joy and satisfaction by watching his patients walk out of the office with a smile realizing dentistry doesn’t have to be painful or scary. When not in the office, Dr. Das spends time cooking and spending quality time with his wife and kids.

Dr. Melissa Yousefi

General Dentist
Dr. Yousefi earned her dental degree from the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Illinois. She also earned her BA in Psychology which has enlarged her compassion for her patients, especially for those with previous traumatic dental experiences and severe anxiety. Outside of work, Dr. Yousefi enjoys improving her skills not only in dentistry but also in drawing, cooking and planning great travels. Dr. Yousefi treats all her patients and staff with the same amount of respect and makes sure everyone is comfortable at Secure Dental.

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