Dental patients have been using dentures as an artificial replacement for lost teeth for years. Whether having lost teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, dental abnormalities, or any other reason, dentures offer patients an alternative to natural teeth by using a removable plate that sits in the mouth. But dentures aren’t for everyone, and thanks to modern technology, patients now have other options, including overdentures. The dentists at Secure Dental offer overdentures to patients who find that conventional dentures just aren’t cutting it.

Reasons to Consider Overdentures

Conventional dentures require the removal of severely damaged or decayed teeth in patients whose jaws are not strong enough to support implants. On the other hand, overdentures attach to implants in the jaw and fit over the remnants of existing teeth, if there are any. They snap into place but can easily be taken out for cleaning. They are a good alternative for patients who have a healthy jaw and find that conventional dentures don’t work for them because they don’t stay in place. Overdentures are durable and long-lasting, so they’ve become more and more popular among dental patients who have lost teeth for any reason.

Advantages of Overdentures

The biggest advantage to overdentures is that they’re stable because they snap into implants without requiring the use of adhesives. Unlike conventional dentures, overdentures help preserve the jaw bone, which helps restore proper chewing ability and lessens gum irritation while offering more comfort. They also provide a more natural feel than conventional dentures, which can help improve speech and boost the wearer’s confidence. Plus, overdentures can last up to 20 years or more if the patient exercises good oral hygiene and is in good health overall, although habits like smoking and teeth grinding can shorten that lifespan.

Secure Dental has helped countless satisfied patients with their dental needs, including making the switch from dentures to overdentures. To find out if you are a good candidate for overdentures, call us at (309) 681-8888 to schedule an appointment at a location near you.

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