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Reveal Clear Aligners

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Reveal Clear Aligners

How Much Will My Consultation Cost? 

Initial consultations with our orthodontic professionals are always free.

Reveal Clear Aligners® and Clear Braces

Is Reveal Clear Aligners® an Option for Straightening Teeth?

The Reveal Clear Aligners® teeth straightening method uses a series of clear trays that are replaced every two weeks or so. This allows the Reveal Clear Aligners® system to provide gradual realignment of crooked teeth while ensuring the most attractive appearance throughout the treatment process.

How Much Does Reveal Clear Aligners® Cost?

Is Reveal Clear Aligners® Different from Traditional Braces?

Metal and clear braces use brackets and wires to put pressure on teeth to realign them in the desired way. Reveal Clear Aligners® systems, on the other hand, are removable plastic trays that fit tightly over teeth to move them gradually into the right position.

Do Clear Braces Provide Straighter Teeth?

Clear braces, just like traditional braces, use brackets and wires to move teeth into the right place. They are somewhat less expensive than Reveal Clear Aligners® and can provide some of the same benefits for your appearance.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Clear Braces?

Clear braces will typically cost somewhat more than comparable metal braces. A portion of the cost, however, may be covered by some dental plans.

Which Works Better? Clear Braces vs. Reveal Clear Aligners®

Depending on your personal preferences and the amount of realignment needed to enhance your smile, you may prefer the convenience and ease of use of Reveal Clear Aligners® or the faster results sometimes available with clear braces.