Are you considering whitening your teeth but unsure about which product to buy or reluctant to sit through a dental appointment? Look no further than Pola Light Tooth Whitening! Our take-home whitening kits are available for purchase at all of our offices, providing a convenient solution to achieve the brighter, whiter smile you deserve.

What Is Pola Light Tooth Whitening?

Pola Light is a new advanced take home teeth whitening system with an LED mouthpiece, used for faster whitening treatment. You can buy a kit in our offices and start whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home. It is safe, fast, and easy to use.

The unique blend of soothers, conditioners, and high water content assists in reducing sensitivity, making Pola one of the most comfortable tooth whitening systems available.

Teeth Whitening Steps

Pola Light is a great and safe way for patients to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home at a time that suits them.

Clean your teeth and rinse your Pola LED mouthpiece before use.

OPTIONAL: Record your tooth shade on the last page of you directions sheet.

Attach the syringe tip provided to the syringe. Apply a small line of Pola Night gel evenly along the inner front of the top and bottom of your Pola LED mouthpiece.

Using the markings on the syringe as a guide, allow one fifth of the syringe (0.6g) per tooth whitening session on both top and bottom of the tray.

Fit the Pola LED mouthpiece to your mouth and bite down. 

Refer to the label on your Pola Night whitening syringe for your whitening formula type, then use the following duration instructions.

Pola Night 22% carbamide peroxide whitening

  • Press ‘on’ button once for the Blue LED
  • LED will activate for 15 minutes

When the LED activation ends, your whitening session is complete. Repeat twice a day for 5 days.

After reaching your treatment duration, remove the mouthpiece and wipe away any excess gel/saliva with a dry tissue. Rinse the mouthpiece and wash it with lukewarm water. Do not submerge it in water.

Rinse mouth or brush teeth once whitening session is complete.


Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the mouthpiece.


With the Pola Night 22% whitening gel it only takes two 15 minute sessions a day.


No chair time or custom trays required, and formulated to safely remove long term stains.


The high viscosity, neutral pH tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient comfort in a take home kit.


Smile Brighter

Enjoy a brighter, more confident smile in just 5 days with the Pola Light Tooth Whitening System!

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Yes. With a history of improving teeth for 50 years, the Pola whitening scientists have refined an industry leading tooth whitening formula that removes tough ‘rusted on’ stains, while remaining completely safe for your teeth.

Many teeth whitening manufacturers make claims of ‘5 shades’ whiter or similar. However, this can be misleading as it depends on the original shade of your teeth and the current staining on your teeth. Pola is formulated to remove the toughest stains from your teeth and return your teeth to their whitest natural color.

A small minority of people may experience short term teeth sensitivity during the whitening process. The sensitivity will subside quickly and does not lead to tooth or gum problems. If you are experiencing pain, stop the whitening process and consult your dentist.

Your lifestyle is the greatest influence on your oral health. If you are an avid drinker of coffee, wine and/or soda, your teeth whitening will diminish more quickly than someone who prefers water. Typically, your whitening will be at its best for the first 6 months, before slowly diminishing.